Elect Dave Lequire

Welcome! I am David Lequire,

I am very excited to announce my candidacy for Bath County Sheriff in 2022. I have worked with law enforcement for more than twenty years.

Several members of my family served in the Pike County Kentucky Sheriff's Office, My Sister Phyllis Lequire Maples, My Father Herbert Lequire Jr,



And Sister Tammy Lequire Hager.

My background is unique,

I would like to bring my experience and skills as an aviator, flight instructor and UAS pilot to the office of Sheriff of Bath County. Aviation technology has helped other rural county law enforcement offices track down criminals, lost children and discover illegal drug activity that are the scourge of our communities. It is time to bring 21st century technology to Bath county law enforcement. I have over 20 years experience in marketing, management, and business ownership. I believe it's important to have a sheriff with a positive based management style that edifies and fully utilizes the knowledge and strengths of the staff. And a positive, enthusiastic, supportive sheriff with an impartial compass. That is one of the many reasons why I am running for Bath County Sheriff. I am confident my background, leadership ability, is exactly the direction the Bath County Sheriff's office needs. With your support I can bring my skills to this important office.

Thank you in advance for your support in November! Sincerely, Dave

Recommendations for Sheriff of Bath County



My name is Robert Coffman. I retired from the Columbus, Ohio Division of Police in 2010, after 31 years of service. During my last nineteen years in the department, I was assigned to the SWAT Team. I have known Dave Lequire for over 16 years. Dave has always been a pro police person, and is one of the most honest and trustworthy persons I know. I believe that Dave Lequire would be a very honorable person to be elected to the Bath County, Kentucky Sheriff’s Office. He would bring hard work, Integrity, and Commitment to the sheriff’s office.

When I bought my new light sport airplane I asked for a recommendation for an instructor who could give me transition training. The manufacturer recommended David Lequire.

I have been a pilot for 50 years and have had many instructors in the Air Force as well as civilian aviation. David was one of the best. His people skills and professionalism that I observed since becoming friends are exceptional. Whether teaching new pilots or working with clients related to his business he is generous with his time and patience. No matter what he takes on I have found David to be an honest, hard working manager.

David Lequire has my highest recommendation for Sheriff of Bath county.

John Eastabrooks LtCol retired USAF

I am Charles Johnson, and I am a retired State Trooper and a retired military police officer with the Kentucky Army National Guard. I have known Dave LeQuire for the better part of the last decade and a half. I find him to be a decent, hardworking and honorable man who would serve Bath County citizens well as sheriff. I would trust Dave with anything. As matter of fact, I have trusted Dave with my very life as he has been instrumental in my aviation activities. He has maintained my aircraft and I have come to trust his word without hesitation. He will be the same kind of sheriff with an honest eye to detail and unwavering dedication to his responsibilities. My 50 years in the criminal justice system (27 in the state police and twenty-three years as a prosecutor) have enabled me to judge the character of a man. As such, I find Dave LeQuire to be a person worthy of our respect and support.


I met Dave Lequire several years ago while looking for a flight instructor for my Light sport aircraft. I not only found a dedicated flight instructor, I found a friend. Dave’s honesty, integrity and leadership skills became apparent very soon. He treated me with respect in all our business dealings and went above and beyond the expectations I had when looking for an instructor. Dave has a personality that is very suited to being a sheriff. Bath Country would be well served with a Sheriff Lequire. He will be honest in his fiscal duties and surround himself with people of high integrity, because that’s the type person he is. I trusted Dave with my life and I would trust him to handle any situation, be it law enforcement or serving the community in the myriad of ways required of the high sheriff. I was in law enforcement for 30 years and would have been comfortable answering any call with Dave by my side. Get to know him...you will find that easy to do. A sheriff is a leader. Dave Lequire is a leader.

Skip Benton

Detective, Kentucky State Police - Retired

Command Sergeants Major, Kentucky National Guard -Retired

Transportation Director, Madison/Scott County Schools

  Approximately 15 years ago, I was introduced to Dave Lequire and I was told that he was the local aviation instructor for training in this area. A couple years later, after talking to several other individuals who had trained and worked with Dave, I chose to utilize Dave Lequire as my flight instructor. I found Dave to be well versed in his knowledge of flight rules and regulations and he was an excellent instructor who showed great attention to detail. Dave became a good friend over the years and he was always willing to assist me in any way he could.

  Having spent over thirty-two (32) years with the WV State Police, I believe I have learned how to judge a person’s character. I can say that Dave Lequire is someone of good moral character and I truly believe he would be an excellent candidate for the Sheriff of Bath County. Having worked with many different law enforcement agencies and sheriffs throughout my career, I believe Dave would be dedicated to the citizens of Bath County and that the county would benefit from his pro-law enforcement attitude. As all pilots know, you are putting complete faith and trust in someone when you are flying. I have done just that with Dave Lequire and I would trust him in the same manner if he were elected sheriff. I would urge the citizens of Bath County to support Dave Lequire for Sheriff.


Michael Watts  (West Virginia State Police – Retired)

My name is Mark Matthews..I am the retired Sheriff of Bourbon Co..I have known Dave for many years. He is honest and a man of his word. He is very approachable and trustworthy, very good qualities for a Sheriff. Dave will bring his work ethic, leadership and his dedication to the Bath Co Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Bath Co. I would ask the citizens of Bath Co. to support Dave Lequire for Sheriff.


Dave Lequire is a person who knows his community and truly cares about its future. I have known Dave Lequire and Trish, for 15 years through my endeavor to fly powered parachutes. I have seen and heard how his neighbors and customers respect and treat him. Whether it's an issue concerning flying, friends and family, or other issues, Dave has the facts before he offers his opinions. He is straight-forward and tells it like it is. As an aviator and mentor, I know of nobody with Dave’s expertise and experience and I would and have literally trusted him with my life. As a businessman he exudes honesty and fair-dealing and I wouldn’t think of using anyone else.

Bath County would be proud and lucky to have Dave Lequire as their next sheriff.


Mark Byron 



 The Powrachute solution for law enforcement is designed specifically for law
enforcement to serve the communities they serve. The powered parachute is
currently deployed by several police operations worldwide for some of the
following purposes:


  1. Homeland security missions  2. Border patrol  3. Drug Enforcement   4. Photos of crime scenes  5. Lost or missing persons  6. Fugitive Captures  7. Prisoner Work Release 8. SWAT team Aerial support

I have had the pleasure of not only knowing David Lequire for almost 20 years, but I have had the chance to work with him as a dealer for Powrachute. During this time, David has always been an honest, professional and hardworking leader in our industry. David has always gone above and beyond putting his students and customers first, the feedback I receive has always been one of high praise, integrity, and respect for a leader in our community. I believe David Lequire will be an outstanding Sheriff, the citizens of Bath County will be well served knowing David will ensure their safety and be working for their best interest.




Galen Geigley

Powrachute, LLC.


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